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The Veterans Village

The Veterans Village, which was envisioned and built by a collaborative effort of Veterans Rural Outreach, Awake Ministries, and CrossRoads Missions, opened the doors of its six tiny homes on October 1, 2020.

Our desire was to offer a solution to homelessness and an option in the low income housing shortage needed for some of our community’s most vulnerable populations. This temporary housing of up to one year in duration, presents the opportunity to work alongside these heroes in order to secure long-term permanent housing, to help navigate online systems, and to provide them with the resources for any physical, mental, or spiritual needs.

The Village was completed in 2021 with the addition of a Veteran’s Community Center – the venue for the program and an area for social connection. Awake is happy to have the additional partnership of Veterans Club INC., who is ensuring that the ongoing programming will give veterans the opportunity to live a life of independence upon completion of the program.