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Effective March 3rd, the Veterans Village of Shelbyville, Kentucky, will be transferring ownership of operations and programs to Veteran’s Club INC.

Veterans Club INC is thrilled to now be a part of the legacy of the Veterans Village, which was envisioned and built by a collaborative effort of Veterans Rural Outreach, Awake Ministries, and CrossRoads Missions. Veteran’s Club INC will be carrying the foundational work of these organizations forward to ensure that the needs of homeless Veterans are being met. Not only will they be providing housing, but of equal importance, getting to the source of homelessness. From there, programming pieces will be applied to ensure that Veterans have the opportunity to live a life of independence upon completion of the program. This programming will include a nationally recognized Equine Therapy Program, onsite support groups for PTSD, depression, and substance abuse, recreational therapy modalities and more.

Veterans Club INC is grateful for this opportunity to do the most good for the Veteran community in Kentucky and the confidence shown by Awake Ministries to want to partner in this way.

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